Review Policy

I am currently not accepting books for review.

Genres I review include YA/ NA contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal. And purely for my guilty pleasure (because why not), I also read adult UF/PRN.

Review Copy Format:
I accept digital/ print ARCs and/or finished copies. Digital copies must be in the following format only:  epub, mobi or pdf.

E-mail Request Where/How:
So I don't miss any review request/s, e-mails should be sent with the subject: "Review Request- Book Title by Author"

Include the following in the body of the e-mail:
Title of the book (series name, if applicable
Release date 
Short description/Summary 
Deadline of review, if applicable 

Send your review request/s on this e-mail address,

* If a physical copy of the book will be sent, don't forget to mention it so I can send you my mailing address accordingly.

I reserve the right to refuse a book for review at my own discretion. 


I primarily post reviews on this site, My Bookish Escapades, on Goodreads and on AmazonI could and I will post a review on other retail sites (like B&N, Book Depository, etc.) if I deem it necessary or if I'm required to. I also post reading updates on Twitter and keep track of my reading progress on Goodreads.

My review varies from a few sentences to a few paragraphs in length. It includes my rating, the reasons I liked/hated the book, my overall take on the writing, the characters, the world-building, etc., and any other details that will further describe and convey my feelings and thoughts toward the book.

For books I didn't finish (marked 'DNF'), please be aware that I prefer not to give a rating or leave a review for these. I don't believe I'll be able to give a fair rating/review since I didn't even read the entirety of the book. Although in some instances I do leave a very short review (it's more of a few sentences of rant really), when there are some things about the book that I just have to verbalize.


5 stars
I LOVED IT. Love the writing. Love the plot. Love the characters. Love everything. A re-read (maybe even several) is definitely happening. I highly recommend. There's just no reason for you not to read this. Must-read!

4 stars
I liked it a lot. It's near perfect but for a very few, very small issue/s not worth mentioning. A re-read some time in the future is in order.

3 stars 
It's good. Average good. I enjoyed it but there were some issues I've had that I might pinpoint and enumerate in my official review.

2 stars 
Meh. For some unknown reason and by some miracle (who knows) I read the whole book. (Or maybe that's just me being stubborn.) Nevertheless, I do not recommend the book and I will not read it again. Also if it's part of a series, I most probably will not continue with the rest of it.

1 star 
Nope. No. I did not like it at all. Why did I even read this?!? Ugh, all those hours I could never take back. Enough said, next.

DNF/ Did Not Finish 
I don't rate books I mark DNF.

* * * FTC Disclaimer 
I acquire books I review thru one of three ways- I bought them, I got them from review sites like Netgalley or Edelweiss+, or I received them from publishers/authors thru giveaways or raffles I won. Except for books I purchased myself, I always disclose the source of the book at the end of my post. 

All of my reviews are based solely on my personal feelings, opinions and thoughts. I did not receive (and will never condone receiving) any form of compensation in exchange for my review/s. I strive to always be fair and tell my truest, most honest thoughts and opinions in writing my review/s. 

* * * Affiliate Links Disclaimer
This site contains affiliate links. I am an Amazon affiliate. I receive a small commission (with no additional cost to you) when you make a purchase thru these links.

Last updated: 09th September 2020

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